sqlpp11-0.30 released

This is the first release of sqlpp11 since early October and the library has undergone quite a few changes. Some of those are listed below:

Functional Changes:

  • Preprocessor generator for columns/tables. Thanks niXman!
  • Added custom query command. This allows you to combine building blocks of sqlpp11 into custom queries, for instance a SELECT..INTO:
  • Added UNION clause
  • Added WITH clause and Common Table Expressions
  • Better understanding of names by the library. Any two entities (e.g. columns) with the same name, now also share a common type representing this name, see also section “Migration”. This leads to more stringent compile time tests.

The documentation for those major changes and a few minor additions will follow in the Wiki over the next few weeks. Until then, the tests and examples from the repository will have to do 🙂


  • Less lengthy template error messages. Applying the techniques shown in the talk mentioned above reduced the amount of error messages a lot.
  • Warning free compilation even with -Wconversion, -Wpedantic and -Wshadow, thanks TyRoXx!


    Attempting to compile sqlpp11 with clang-3.1 crashes the compiler.


If you are using an older version of sqlpp11,  you will have to update your code generator.  This is what a new column looks like

Here’s an old version for comparison:

Switching to the preprocessor code (see above) might also be an option.

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